It’s a good idea to make regular website maintenance and ongoing part of your online marketing activities. Google likes to see change, it indicates that someone is taking care of the website and that the business is still active. Here are some Website Maintenance tasks we would be happy to help with :

Content Updates

Give your existing website content a fresh coat of paint from time to time. As website owners, we tend to put our message out there and expect visitors to respond. But sometimes the way we market a product or service may not resonate with the site visitor as well as we think it should. Changing some phrasing and imagery could make all the difference. Here are some considerations :

  • is there enough information?
  • is it clear what the site visitor should do?
  • is there a clear Call to Action?
  • are the images having a positive impact?

Combine your content changes with Google Analytics to measure if a change is better or worse in terms of traffic and keep updating and optimizing content to boost traffic and conversions.

Link Checks

Most pages have a number of links both within the site and to external sites. Over time, the URLs being linked to may change or disappear resulting in a”dead link”. This is something that should be checked on from time to time as it has a negative impact on Google rankings.

SEO Check Up

Is your on page SEO as good as it can be? There are a lot of elements that are easy to use and can have a positive impact on your rankings. A solid on-page SEO across an entire site can have a huge impact on rankings.

Page Speed Optimization

Google has indicated that page load speed will become a factor in its rankings, particularly with mobile search results. There are a lot of factors that contribute to page load speed including:

  • file size
  • load order
  • file compression
  • caching and more

We would be happy to help you with any or all of these website maintenance tasks and help keep your website running at its peak performance level.

After launching a website, there is still work to do. As the web evolves, it is crucial to maintain the integrity of your website.

A few signs that your website is out-of-date :

  • The logo does not match the rest of your marketing materials.
  • The website is not secure and you receive a security warning message when you try to access your website.
  • The page load slowly and the website is not optimized for performance.
  • The last blog post was over a year ago and the content is old.
  • Customers call for information because the information on your website is stale.
  • The website is not responsive and looks poor on mobile devices.

Custom Creative offers simple and effective solutions to meet your website management and maintenance needs without the cost or stress typically associated with a full staff of web designers, programmers, and IT professionals.